Friday, June 28, 2013

Global Top 10 and Totally Non-Asian Beer Brands in 2013

Global Top 10 Beers by Brand Value in 2013,  via Kantar "Brandz"
This is a nifty update courtesy of Kantar's Global "Brandz" Tracking initiative and while they focus on anything and everything of brand value from electronics to baby formula there is plenty of data focus on international beer brands.

Basically the United States of America is responsible for either making or drinking most of the brands on the list, though some beers are from other parts of the continents of the Americas such as Corona (Mexico), Brahma (Brazil) and Aguila (Columbia).

Europe is well represented by iconic beers like Guiness (Eire) and Stella Artois (Belgium) while Skol remains a beer without a home since it was actually concocted back in the 60's to be the first beer branded for globalised markets from Scandinavia to Africa and is now top selling in Brazil.

Alas poor Asia seems to be completely missing from the list and surprisingly with no signs of China's Tsingtao, Singapore's Tiger or Thailand's Chang, in fact probably Heineken would have the most Asian credentials out of the top 10 thanks to its recent mergers and acquisitions in South East Asia.

But for sure we know that Asian Beer Drinkers are growing in number, volume and purchasing power almost guaranteeing that within 10 years time the Global Top 10 Beers will be a very different perspective of the alcoholic world.

For more details on the beer infographic you can check the following link:

Anyhow, Cheers for all the Beers in Asia!



The Beer Nut said...

I'd say the African contingent makes up a fair bit of that Guinness column (and the country's called "Ireland", btw, not "Eire").

beerasia said...

Now that I think about it the Guinness sales volume will also get a decent push from some Asian markets especially Malaysia and Singapore which have their own locally brewed version "Guinness Foreign Extra Stout" that rocks in at a crazy 8% alcohol..... Although expensive imports of the proper stuff from Ireland are sporadically available in the region:

Budweiser also seems to do well in China for whatever reason but is less visible in most other Asian countries.