Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mini Sapporo Beer in Hong Kong

This mini can of Sapporo is something I picked up from a 7-11 near to the hotel I was staying at in Hong Kong.

In the photo the Carlsberg is a normal 330ml and the Sapporo was tiny in comparison, although the pricing was quite similar.

Sapporo tastes good whether in bottle or can and the 7-11's in Hong Kong really have their fridges turned up to full power so the beer was icy cold and ready to drink.

I finished it in one gulp.

Very nice indeed.


tomkinasia said...

I think the mini cans are a neat novelty. I have two mini Asahi cans like that. I see a can of Carlsberg in the picture I've tried draft Carlsberg in Japan and Taiwan and both times it tasted funky. What does it taste like from the can? Anyways like the blog glad to see some updates.

beerasia said...

I put much of the taste tang down to the beer being left in the can for so long.

Generally the fresher the beer, the less the tang.

Carlsberg tastes very good on draft.